Mentoring Clinic

With 30+ investors and 50+ mentors on board, Mentoring Clinic at Rajasthan Startup Fest will give you a great chance to meet the right mentor for your startup. These mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves and would offer business advice and analysis for future plans.

We have partnered with key ecosystem players like RAIN and TiE to put together best of the mentors who can offer their expert advice on product placement, competition, marketing, financial viability, capacity building and legal advice etc for a startup.

Getting a slot in Mentoring Clinic is on first come first serve basis and by strict selection only. Please fill in the application form below. On selection you would be notified via email and you would have to book your ticket for the festival by going to the Link in next 24 hours, failing to do so might cancel your slot and the opportunity will be passed on to the next startup.