All About the Rajasthan Startup Fest

Welcome to Rajasthan Startup Fest – where all startups meet in one place! Share ideas. Expand connections. Find motivation from other people.

The Rajasthan Startup Fest is a National Level Startup Event in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In this event, mentors, startups, investors, and corporates from across India come together in one place to transact business, pitch for funding, share experiences, get mentoring, and showcase innovations and business models.   

Close to 100 startups, 50 angel and venture capital investors, 30 mentors and startup coaches, and 50 speakers will come together in the event. The event will be for two days of higher energy interactions and exciting sessions that will see a given its high-quality social infrastructure.  Through this event we are positive in giving startups more rooms to display their state-of-the-art invention.

 The Fest will showcase Jaipur. You can also take this chance to tour around the wonderful city, find new things, look for new meanings about things. Who knows, you might also find new inspiration for your invention.

We have planned the Fest through multiple tracks of scouting, incubation and acceleration of startups covering sectors like internet, mobile and social. We also encourage students to join and witness this wonderful event in Jaipur. In addition to more than 50 tech startups, we will also showcase products and models in two days.

This is your chance to showcase your invention. Any invention is welcome, whether it is technical or a simple software solution – such as an app that helps monitor buildings and demolitions. Think about how drones were invented and heat maps.

What Can you Expect?

Rajasthan Start Fest is absolutely a must for Entrepreneurs.  Here are some things you can expect from the event.

  • Startup masterclass – Educate yourself with new inventions and meet new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Get some insights on how to run a successful business. Leading mentors and well-known names in the industry will also be there, and will conduct a masterclass, provide insights on starting up, scaling, and refining business model, receiving funding, taking a ready idea to the market.
  • Exploring technologies – The Rajasthan Startup Fest will host global business leaders, tech mavericks, government change-makers, and corporate tycoons, who will hold discussions about new technologies.   
  • Pitching sessions – Startups will also get a chance to pitch their products and services to renowned VCs and investors in the country. Grab this opportunity to receive funding from them. With big investors left and right, you could find the perfect funding for your project.

Looking to Startup?

Entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers abound in Rajasthan. Thousands of young minds, brimming with brilliant and intelligent ideas are ready to get themselves known to the public. Here’s what you have to watch out for.

  • Procedures to increase a business economically
  • Raising support for understudy new companies
  • Building a brand that requests to clients
  • Getting ‘heavenly messengers’ despite your good faith
  • The most recent advancements and development from around the world

How to Get a Funding for Your Startup

Find an investor

Search for individual financial backers – now and again called “angel investors” – or investment firms. One of the best ways to find it is to join expos and startup events like the Rajasthan Startup Fest.

Share your marketable strategy

The investor will survey your field-tested strategy to ensure it meets their contributing rules. Most venture supports focus on an industry, geographic region, or phase of business improvement.

Go through reasonable level of investment audit

Investors will take a gander at your organization’s supervisory group, market, items and administrations, corporate administration archives, and fiscal summaries.

Work out the terms

To contribute, the subsequent stage is to settle on a term sheet that portrays the agreements for the asset to make a venture. Talk with your investor and work on a favorable term.  Communication is always key so make sure you highlight the best points of your proposal to entice investors.  


Once you settle on the term sheet, you can the investment! When you finally get the venture fund, you and the investors will become actively engaged in the company. Venture funds normally come in rounds as the company meets milestones.  There will be adjustment in the prices as time goes by. But sooner or later, you will learn how to handle matters and make it advantages on your side.

Launching Your Startup!

Not sure what your product is. It’s not yet too late to launch your startup. Read on a couple of tips from our experts to help you get started. See you in the Fest!

  1. Start with an Idea

Your first step in learning how to become a startup is to identify a problem and propose a solution to it. A successful startup begins from business ideas that fill the need of group of customers. You can have a new idea or update an existing idea, and introduce new concepts to make it fit the current market needs.

  • Make a Business Plan

Slowly dissect your idea and lay down everything in a business plan. Discuss your products and services, how you want to market it, and what it is all about.  Also include why investors should buy into your product and why it is profitable. Discuss operations, finances, and market analysis.

  • Secure funding for your startup

  The cost of startup is different for every business owner.   A great way to find an investor is to join startup fests like we have now. Other means to get money is from friends, family, angel investors, venture capitalists, and bank loans.

  • Build customer base.

Know your target market and put yourself up for long-term success.  Make a plan on how to boost your sales, send new message to customers, and gain referrals. Connect with the right people and gain following.   Having referrals saves you time and effort in finding new customers.

See you at the Rajasthan Startup Fest

  • Exciting 2-day event
  • Investor demo days
  • Open startup pitches
  • Business pitching, social network referrals
  • Structures mentoring sessions
  • New product launches
  • Talks by well-known innovators
  • More disruptive startups
  • Business plan competition for students

This is your time to pitch your startup. Get the best venture capital partner and receive funding. Join this once in a lifetime event.

Contact us if you have any question!